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#GoodByeYouTube Was A Mistake...

Posted on June 9, 2018 at 4:55 PM

Hey #TeamTipster,


So as you all know, I announced earlier this week that I was "leaving YouTube". And while there was some truth to that original statement, I now see that making that announcement was a huge mistake. It is true that I have very little time to dedicate to both Twitch Streaming and YouTube and balance those two along with my full time job. I am legitimately dissatisfied with the way YouTube is currently running their platform. And I was being honest when I said that I am less interested in producing exclusive video content for YouTube and focusing more on streaming at Twitch. But all that being said, the announcement was still a mistake.


To be honest with you guys, I have put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve things I may never actually achieve. That combined with the stress of my day job and the stresses of personal life have put me in a very dark place recently. All this puts me in a frame of mind where I am very indecisive about a lot of things as well as find it difficult to make decisions in terms of what I want to do as a content creator moving forward. But using the last few days to reflect a bit, I feel like my original decision was the wrong approach to take.


So what have I decided to do exactly? Well, I am still interested in focusing more attention on Twitch. Streaming on Twitch is my new passion and it is something I really love to do. My audience over there is extremely supportive and we have a blast over there. But I don't want to abandon my YouTube audience who has supported me all these years. I put a lot of pressure on myself to keep creating content for you all and post something at least once every weekday in the past and admittedly it has been very overwhelming and definitely contributed to this irrational decision. So I will continue to provide content to YouTube by sharing clips from my streams with you all. But I wont pressure myself to get content out every weekday like before. If I have something to share, I will. If not, then I wont. I am also considering the possibility of doing a weekly podcast similar to the Super Geeky Weekly Wrap-Ups I used to do years ago. More to come on that.


In any case, I sincerely apologize to my community for this. Please bare with me as I am experiencing a lot in my personal life at the moment and admittedly, I let the stress and anxiety get the best of me sometimes. I look forward to continuing to provide content to both my YouTube and Twitch audiences and I appreciate everyone who has stood by me through this tough time.


- Tipster

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