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Regarding the Compromise of Exporting Stream Clips from Twitch to YouTube...

Posted on June 7, 2018 at 4:05 PM

When I asked people about this on social media, a lot of people reacted negatively to it. I am used to negative feedback. You kind of have to be as a content creator. But this really confused me. Why is finding a way to please both my Twitch and YouTube audience a BAD thing? Well...Somehow people saw this as "flip flopping". Its not. Taking 5 minutes out of my day to click an export button is NOT flip flopping. I am still putting all my energy into Twitch. But after every stream I will take 5 to 10 minutes to export parts of that stream for my YouTube subscribers as a courtesy to them. Since it doesn't take much time, it is the least I can do.


I understand that you can't please everyone and sometimes people are upset about things that we will never understand. This is one of those things. In any case, there is clearly a portion of my audience who likes this compromise and for them, I am moving forward with it. If you are one of the few who for some reason has an issue with this, I apologize that I am unable to meet your standard or understand them. For those people, you are free to unsubscribe if you wish. But this will be the last time I will address this "issue".


Anyway, I thank the majority of you for your support during this transition and I am glad I can provide this little compromise to those of you who do not wish to migrate over to Twitch.


Take care and stay awesome!


- Tipster

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