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The Geek Community: From Outcasts to Awesome!

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Being a geek wasn’t always easy. I remember the bullying. The name calling. The shame and embarrassment of being wedgied and trash canned. It wasn’t always fun to be a geek. But times have changed and suddenly being a geek is a cool thing to be! Funny how that works…


Back when I was a kid during the early 90’s, I was really into 2 very geeky hobbies…video games and computers. If I wasn’t at home playing the latest title on the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis, I was staying after school to tinker around in the computer lab. Defeating challenging puzzles and bosses as well as playing with cool new software and hardware were my passions. It seems common place today. But back then, only geeks and nerds did that stuff. Gamers weren’t hip and computer enthusiasts weren’t cool. We were outcasts.


In my hometown growing up, all the cool kids rode skateboards or bikes, played sports and went to the movies or the mall with friends. They didn’t play video games or toy with computer technology. Heck! Most of them didn’t even own that stuff!!! That would have been social suicide. But today, everyone plays video games. Everyone owns a computer and likely uses it daily. The latest tech gadgets are desired by the millions. Even other geeky hobbies like comic books, trading card games, cosplay and blogging are “hip” things to do in this day and age. I guess I was just born into the wrong generation.


So what made it change? Why are things that were once so uncool suddenly the latest trend? Why is the gamer admired when they were once ignored or the tech geek in vogue when they were previously outcasts. Why are comics cool when they were previously despised and collecting of geeky memorabilia now so trendy when in the past, it was viewed as “creepy”? To be honest…I don’t know. Some speculate that it has to do with nostalgia or the fact that people today are more open-minded into trying new things. Or maybe some are just realizing what they missed out on? The bottom line is people like me, who were once easy targets for bullying and not avid members of popular social circles are now cool!


It’s kind of nice to see others embracing the hobbies and interests of the geek community. And it is awesome to see kids of this generation not getting slammed for expressing themselves through their passions the way I did as a kid. The youth of today are free to play video games, read comic books, collect action figures and yes…tinker with technology and not be outsiders because of it. It makes me wish I was born today. But then again, I got to see the history and evolution of these hobbies. Going from niche to mainstream. Its funny how things change that way. But at least I can lust over that new iPhone or blockbuster video game and not fear getting a wedgie for doing so. For today, I’ll be in good company.